About This Podcast

We were created by God for His pleasure and we will only reach our full potential as His creatures when we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of pleasing Him.

Christianity gets complicated when we put everything we have into pursuing God. We run into theological problems that other Christians refuse to talk about and we start asking questions we’re not supposed to ask. You can see by our podcast titles that we do not shrink back from discussing tough issues in the faith, nor do we give you pat answers that align with current fads in the Church.  We talk about things as they actually are, and we give you answers that are God's truth, because His truth is the only thing that will help your soul. Pursuing a deep relationship with Him will cost you everything you have, but there is no greater reward than having an intimate bond with your Creator.

The podcasts you find here are audio versions of some of the articles on our main website: The Pursuit of God. The titles are the same, so you can easily locate the written version on our main site, where you will also find links to related material.  

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